Aug. 1st, 2012

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I'm supposed to be getting ready for work now but I'm still so fucking pissed about last night.

The only good thing about my day is the fact that I'm going to be reading An Abundance of Katherines on the way to work.

I have a mountain of paperwork waiting for me and a desire to spread my cold to everyone I work with. I hope they suffer.

Please note that I'm not usually like this but holy fuck am I pissed right now.
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Well, today was even worse than I imagined.

We moved offices while I wasn't there so now I don't know where anything is. Though I can see some of the files I need but I can't get to them. I spent the day typing names and addresses into the computer (after having to set it up, then take it apart, move it and set it up again because I didn't do it in the right place, since I didn't see the wall socket where I should have done it in the first place.) and losing my will to live.

Meanwhile, the guy I was hoping would take my place eventually when I find a new job has done absolutely nothing. He hung around a bit but apparently managed to not do anything and kept disappearing. So not impressed and now I have the feeling that I cannot leave this job. I don't know who they would get to replace me since they'd get more stressed without me.

But I am looking for a new job anyway. I just need to rescue my CV.


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